Kyle Alizon Cross received his BFA in 2003 from Ringling College Of Art And Design and quickly formed the D3 Gallery. Cross pushed the local aesthetics of what a gallery was or could be in the progressive beach town of Sarasota, Florida. Always looking outside the box for new solutions that challenge the traditional gallery philosophies, Cross has curated over 35 unique and intensely different shows. These spawned The TatagalaShawn Barbers Tattooed Portraits and the 48-Hour Guerilla Film Competition, which all received national attention.

During the height of D3’s popularity Cross decided to take a rare opportunity to attend and teach at The University Of Florida. It was then that he formed Store 101 – a custom boutique and gallery located in the heart of downtown Gainesville, and in less than a year hosted & curated 10 unique themed exhibits.

Cross’s creative emphases have varied over his commercial career, but his love for public showings remains. He recently helped establish The Harvey Milk Festival Sarasota & Mr. Beery’s – Beer and Starwars Lowbrow Extravaganza, further fulfilling his desire to create social messages through public exhibits that strive to inform & evoke debate, sometimes with a playful tone or a direct punch to senses.